What’s holding back your business right now?

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners for many years and, as a entrepreneur and business owner myself, I find our most common barriers to growth and profit are:

You have lots of tasks on the go, but don’t know which one to do first

As an entrepreneur, you have no shortage of things that need to get done. You also have no shortage of opportunities knocking on the door. It can leave you feeling confused, frustrated and unclear about what you should do next to get the best return on your time. This can lead you to acting like a kangaroo in headlights, frozen and unable to make any decision.

I can help you get focussed

You are excellent at what you do, yet you struggle to find new clients

It’s one thing to have clients; it’s another thing to find new clients. As an entrepreneur, you can spend a lot of your time talking to people who don’t really ‘get’ what you can offer them. This can lead to requests to price match or discount, it can also lead to taking on clients that you know are going to cause grief just because you need to keep the cash flowing.

I can help differentiate your business

You need to make the best use of your resources but don’t know how to

We’ve already identified that you have an unending number of tasks and opportunities vying for limited resources. This can leave even experienced entrepreneurs struggling to decide where they should put their time, energy and money. Outsourcing can bring its own problems - who’s going to find the right person, brief them and quality-manage them?

I can help you manage your resources

I’m a problem solver. I help you gain focus on what needs doing right now so you can have the business you want. I organise and execute the tasks so you can focus on the value you bring to your business and your clients.

It's all about getting stuff done.